© Copyright 1984 Evelyn Jacob

Evelyn painted Alphabet Search in the early 1980's for her two sons, Joss and Bowie.  Flip thru the first 3 letters as a sample of this wonderful book.


In the mid 90'S, Evelyn co-created a collaborative watercolor with Donna Roberts.  Together they created an amazing piece of artwork.


Each took a piece of 7.5" x 11" watercolor paper; Evelyn painted the first piece, then gave it to Donna, who then matched the edges and created her own composition. She then gave the two painted pieces back to Evelyn who added a third, and so on. It grew to be 19 panels - 12 feet long.

Women Beyond Borders

An international art project in which Evelyn offered 2 pieces.

Women beyond borders is a cross-cultural exhibition to honor and document women's voices and visions, encourage dialogue and collaboration, and inspire creative expression.

A small wooden box measuring 3 1/2″ x 2″ x 2 1/2″ was selected as a point of departure. Women were invited from all continents to transform the boxes. Boxes have been contributed by accomplished, nationally or internationally known artists, as well as by women with no prior artistic experience, anywhere from anywhere from Afghanistan to Zambia.Women Beyond Borders has grown from a grass roots local initiative to a savvy international art project involving over 10,000 artists, coordinators and curators from 50 countries. The project has been exhibited in over 50 venues around the world





I Madonnari Chalk Painting

Historic Santa Barbara Mission
with Star Harthern
Sponsored by Peaches Skin Care, 1994



For over 5 years, Evelyn was a monthly contributor to this unique, limited edition art magazine. EACH month she created 200 unique pages – yes, each month!  And every year two covers highlighted her work.  She was known as an Art/Life All Star for producing 13,000 original pieces of art (62 pieces x 200) of superb quality.

ART/LIFE began as a four-page newsletter produced by Joe Cardella who wanted to reach out to like-minded conceptual and progressive artists. Reproducing the first ART/LIFE on a photocopy machine, he tells us: “when sent, a communication will hopefully be received, deciphered and responded to.”
The result became a phenomenon that grew beyond its California roots and comprised an international network of artists, poets, and writers. Artists and writers submitted signed and numbered editions for inclusion in ART/LIFE. Cardella compiled and binded them into a cohesive whole. His editing results in striking sequences and patterns among the different art and literary works within each rare, limited edition.


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Although ART/LIFE limited its monthly circulation to only 200 copies, its impact is notable. It is collected by such major institutions as New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum of Fine Arts and the Getty Trust in Santa Monica. It is also in many private collections, archives and museums throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan.  ART/LIFE was the best selling periodical at the Guggenheim Museum bookstore in Soho, New York.