A Modern Renaissance Woman

Meet Evelyn Jacob

This art gallery highlights Evelyn's performance art throughout four decades of participation in the Summer Solstice Parade of Santa Barbara, as well as many of her other art medium.

Her current artistic passion centers around the use of recycled Nespresso coffee pods and that portfolio is so large and wonderful that we have opened up a separate online art gallery for that: podsNespresso.com

Additionally her ongoing involvement with the non-profit organization she founded in 1994, Food From The Heart, continues to thrive and provides 160 meals each week to families in need in our community.  Visit SBFoodFromTheHeart.com to learn more about this great group.

In Evelyn's hands, food becomes another art medium.  This was part of the founding impetus for Food From The Heart – that people in need should have access to nourishing, beautiful and healthy food.  This love of food also led to the creation of two cookbooks, which still garner rave reviews.  Here are Amazon links to each.

One of the founders of Santa Barbara's first bagel bakery, The New York Bagel Factory, Evelyn helped take the business from a single retail storefront to five storefronts, a full-serve deli (Einstein's) and a wholesale operation that was the first to provide bagels to Costco, Sams and Price Club.

She also started the first holistic health center in Santa Barbara in 1978, called "Harmony Center" – the first venue local farmers could gather to sell produce, which evolved into the community's famed Farmer's Market.

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And Just For Fun ...

be sure to check out Evelyn’s involvement in the legendary 3 week contest around the world : The Human Race